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To begin our consultation, I will listen to you tell me about your breastfeeding experience with your baby so far, and we will adapt our visit to the baby’s needs, taking care to accommodate feeding and naps. This is the reason why I offer parents a flat rate for our consultation, eliminating any concerns regarding passing time or increasing costs. The flat rate is 95 euros for a consultation after the baby arrives as well as for a prenatal visit (homes located in the 78 and 92 departments).  You will know exactly what the cost of the consultation is before we start.


My flat rate includes:

  • A 1½- to 2-hour visit to your home
  • My transportation costs
  • Personalised written information
  • Follow-up via telephone or e-mail









Gift consultations:

I also propose gift consultations (ideal for grandparents) that include both a prenatal consultation and a consultation after the baby arrives. This gift is as unique as it is practical. 



Lactation consultations are not reimbursed by the French “sécurité sociale” (French national health care system). Some complementary insurance policies may reimburse all or part of the cost of a lactation consultation. I always provide an invoice for my services that you can submit to your complementary insurance.

If you feel that it will be difficult for you to afford a lactation consultation, call me and we can find a solution.

Contact Information:

Don’t hesitate to contact me by telephone : 06 83 60 47 04

or by e-mail:

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