About Me

Having benefited from over ten years experience accompanying breastfeeding mothers and their babies via the Anglophone parent’s association Message, I became a certified Lactation Consultant IBCLC in 2011. IBCLC is the only breastfeeding and lactation certification recognised internationally.

I have two wonderful children, both of whom were breastfed, and that is where everything began: Qualified, caring people helped me when I encountered breastfeeding difficulties and had questions. The fact that I received this precious support at critical times while I was breastfeeding inspired me to pursue the IBCLC certification. Now, I may pass these skills and information on to you.


My philosophy:

I believe that every breastfeeding woman has the right to up-to-date information that is pertinent to her situation. I see my role with you as that of a partner in your breastfeeding experience. Each mother-baby duo is unique within a family and a culture. It is therefore up to me to adapt to each special situation while relying on my training as a Lactation Consultant to answer your needs. If you or your baby encounter difficulties, such as slow weight-gain, pain, overproduction of milk, etc., together we will strive to understand all of the possible causes and, just as importantly, how to avoid their recurrence.


What is an IBCLC Lactation Consultant?

IBCLC means: International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC): http://iblce.org/

Before one may begin training to become a Lactation Consultant, it is necessary to have completed a basic breastfeeding and lactation training course, and to have provided 1800 hours of practical support for breastfeeding mothers, for example within a volunteer-run association such as La Leche League, Solidarilait, or Message, or as a health care provider (paediatric nurse, paediatrician, etc.).

Once the above requirements have been met then one can apply to the Lactation Consultant training programme. I completed the programme at the CREFAM: http://www.crefam.com. It included:

  • 190 classroom hours
  • a thesis
  • internships with experienced Lactation Consultants
  • an international exam to verify technical knowledge and interpersonal skills.

Certification is valid for 5 years. To re-certify, Lactation Consultants must, alternately, provide proof of a minimum number of hours of continuing-education and re-sit the qualification exam. This ensures that information, interpersonal skills and techniques are up-to-date and in-line with French and international recommendations based on the most recent scientific research.