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The Post-natal Consultation in your home

Some of the reasons that parents consult with me are :

  • slow weight-gain
  • breastfeeding twins
  • previous breast surgery (augmentation or reduction)
  • re-lactation
  • decrease in milk production
  • breastfeeding a premature baby
  • extended breastfeeding
  • oversupply of milk
  • breast pain
  • breastfeeding under unique circumstances (Down Syndrome, etc.)
  • introduction of solids
  • returning to work (pumping, weaning, breastfeeding and childcare)
  • weaning
  • your situation


What to expect during a consultation

FamilyOur initial consultation takes place in your home. You therefore receive initial and ongoing support in your own surroundings, facilitating putting into practice the suggestions and the techniques we discuss during the consultation.

First of all, I listen to you in order to familiarise myself with you and your baby, and to discuss the reason for the consultation. I also ask you to read the Consent Form which outlines the role and the range of competency of an IBCLC Lactation Consultant.

With your consent, I observe your breasts, your baby’s mouth, and a feed. Then, we discuss techniques and tools to remedy any difficulties and, depending on the situation, I may suggest a consultation with other health care professionals.


Breastfeeding Preparation Consultation in your home

If we meet before your baby is born, we will address your questions and concerns in addition to the following:

  • Why breastfeeding is important
  • How the body makes milk and maintains supply
  • What to expect in the first hours, days and weeks
  • Latch and positioning
  • Instincts and reflexes in mom and baby
  • The father’s role
  • Common issues and how to avoid them
  • Return to work

If you have already breastfed a baby, we will discuss your previous experience, subsequent expectations, and pertinent information that will help to ensure a serene breastfeeding experience for you and the new baby.

The father or support person is always welcome to join us, and is even encouraged to participate in our consultation because the support and goodwill of those close to the mother can contribute to a positive breastfeeding experience.

After the consultation, you may stay in contact with me by telephone, email or SMS as much as you wish for no additional charge.